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In addition to functionality, the focus of the “WOODWAY Circle” is on modularity and offers everyone an attractive and effective training platform for optimizing performance. This concept merges selected exercises in such a way that all muscle groups are activated, and cardiovascular training is not neglected. By creating and implementing a functional training area, clinical practices will benefit.


The Curve is a non-motorised treadmill that allows a user to accelerate and decelerate with zero limitations on how fast, how long and how hard they train. The unique curved design of the treadmill allows a user to practice proper gait and running mechanics encouraging better posture while activating posterior chain muscles.

StrideLab is a running efficiency tool that utilizes the Woodway Curve's accelerometer to measure stride length, frequency, and gait. This advance in technology was made possible due to the treadmill's unique characteristic: it is entirely self-powered. In the world of athletics, the Curve is heralded for its realistic running experience.

The Wattbike was developed over a period of eight years in close cooperation with the British Cycling Federation. In addition to an absolutely natural riding feeling, it also brings scientific performance data to a clinical practice. The indoor bike records both pedal technique and power development 100 times with each pedal rotation, compares pedal force and technique in the left and right leg and also displays numerous other interesting performance parameters. Via the smartphone app, workouts can be tracked live, evaluated and also shared directly via social media.

The circle is completed by the FitBench – an innovation in the field of training benches. The FitBench contains all necessary accessories, offers storage space, and at the same time ensures order in the chaos of accessories. The mobile multifunctional training bench contains dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands and a slam ball, among others, as well as attachment points for ropes and can be positioned as required by integrated transport rollers. Combined with WOODWAY’s treadmill line, this creates the perfect platform for a effective, goal-oriented practice.

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